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Everett was sitting on the couch that was present in the office with a loud noise in his hair. UNDER REVIEW. Expect to update, but this is revision of the story. I hope you like it. A student is ruined when her parents announced that she would be married to the guy she never met. Well, this guy with whom she will be married is none other than the heir to the throne of Mo… DEAR TRIANGLE ALERT!!!!!! Ryan- Calm down, serious, a little complicated, but caring and caring. Landing – Charismatic, pretty, a player in the heart, but funny and cute. The river is damaged, weak, anxious, cautious, but intelligent and determined. With seventeen, the most tragic situation of River Ruth Winters, arranged for my…

Yug Oberoi: Youngest billionaire, heir to the Upper Empire, an intelligent mind. The girls kissed his tracks. It was every girl`s dream. But he has a weakness, his sister: Sarah.Er can do anything for her, even if she marries his favorite teacher: Radhika Joshi. Radhika Joshi: Beautiful, simple, intelligent. A school… « Rose ran away » I said frantically. Listen to Radhika. This is me. he murmured with his husky voice in his ear, and suddenly I stopped trembling in his arms. « Abhi…

Mr. Abhimanu. I took his name and I was able to give him a deep breath. My breaths suddenly accelerated and I… Jenna Howard is not your normal 19-year-old daughter. She has been alone since she was 5 years old. After being dropped off in an orphanage when she was a little girl, she has had to defend herself ever since. Now, 14 years later, she`s working two jobs just to get by. Life was not like Jenna thought she was never me… « What`s in your hand? » Antonio asked me cold and roughly the note in my hand. Dad and Everett looked at me quickly, then on my hand, which shook the note.

I completely forgot. Matt and Veronica shared a love story. A love story that failed to have a happiness afterwards. They both thought it would end like this… Until they knew they had been engaged for a long time. Veronica`s heart secretly celebrated when she learned of the agreement between her father and Matt. She never liked anything… A story of hunting and fighting for someone you love.

A woman who asks that she be loved by her heartless husband, who does not care for her. She fought alone in the battle of love. She cares, but was taken for granted, loves you, but is not loved again. Will she go into the struggle of love? or too cowardly… « Marrying her was just a matter. You were nothing but a peasant to me. He said he had no feelings on his face. « …… It`s my decision to leave her. Please release me » she said … ———————————————————- Karan Raichand, 25 years old. He is the CEO of his father`s company.

he… This story is about a girl who is a rejected bride. Her fiancé had refused her at the altar. When everyone cursed her fate, she saw him as her « knight in shining armor. » She must marry a stranger to keep the respect of herself and her family. This story is about two complete strangers, limited by the bond of marriage. « Bharani, please. Listen to me,  » I said, he looked him in the eyes with tears on his cheeks. « How dare they raise your hands against their sadhana? » he asked, carrying my face in the air, carrying my hair in the air and pushing me down.

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