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A letter of confirmation confirms an oral agreement, authorization, directive or decision. It is actually a correspondence that is sent to confirm or validate details, dates, oral agreements or job interviews. A confirmation letter can also be sent for confirmation of a booking, a response to an invitation and receipt of various services, for the delivery of certain items, products to give services or travel arrangements. This shows that the confirmation letter is a formal letter, so it should be written formally on a company header (if it is sent by a company). Such letters are usually short, just mention that some agreement, condition or proposal has been accepted by the other party, by this letter of confirmation. Thus, understanding correspondence letters makes writing by professional email very easy. Therefore, during the review, such as confirmation to write his answers by email, we can take guidance on the principles of the letter. This is to confirm that I received this email. Again, I want to thank you for giving me the opportunity to be part of your esteemed personal. Most contractors can work on multiple contracts for years and their contract documents will always arrive as agreed and without problems. But with the simple precaution of carefully following important conversations with e-mails, contractors can be sure that potential disputes will never arise.

And if they do, the contractor will have evidence of the emails they sent, allowing a judge to easily determine the true position of the contract. If you can`t send your email within minutes or hours of the conversation, you should refer to the occasion, date and time of the conversation in your email. Also use the closing section of your email to describe the next steps or other steps needed to advance the trade agreement/initiative. Although many discussions may have been made, the clarity of the details of the agreement will minimize the exchanges and avoid any misunderstandings. If you don`t know how something has been discussed, plays in the agreement, separate the ambiguous details in the text of your email and treat it separately as details that need to be clarified. The following examples of responses to confirmation emails will serve as a guide for creating confirmation emails for different situations. The total cost of developing the business plan is $300 in 3 tranches, with the first tranche being immediately due as confirmation of this commitment, the second, due after receipt of the project document, and the third, due to the delivery of the final document. As you probably know, the main distinctions between letters and emails are the most important: since this letter is an official document, the name of the recipient should be clearly stated on the letter, it also contains other important details such as: title, department name or company/organization.

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