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115 A collective agreement applies to a collective agreement unit For senior managers and executives and senior and non-represented specialists, final returns and evaluations are communicated after service audit processes, and agreements may be concluded on that date. Fifteen (15) days before the meeting, an agenda will be established and distributed. Other opinions and justifications may be put on the agenda in agreement with the two co-chairs. The final agenda is agreed by the co-chairs. (a) consider the issue it has identified as part of an essential service agreement between the employer and the negotiator; and (3) Parties who decide to negotiate collective agreements in accordance with subsection 1 must, immediately after Election 109 (1) Despite other provisions of that party, the employer and one or more negotiators may conduct collective bargaining with a view to concluding a single binding collective agreement for two or more bargaining units. The contracting parties will enter into negotiations on 15 January 2019 with a view to reaching an agreement on the wage borrowing system. This re-opening of wages should not be construed as an « opening of the agreement » to negotiations on other issues by any of the parties. 7. Where the application relates to a position determined to be defined in the Essential Services Agreement, the employer`s proposal is a priority with respect to that position, unless the board indicates that it does not correspond to the nature required for the employer to provide essential services. 111 The CFO may enter into a collective agreement for a bargaining unit that does not consist of a bargaining unit made up of workers from a separate agency, in accordance with the rules or procedures established under Section 5 of the Financial Management Act. In accordance with paragraph 3.01 of the Master Contract, paragraph 2.02 above and paragraph 16.05 of the framework contract do not apply to prison officers or correctional officers who are entitled to benefits under Article 7 of this agreement. 122 (1) If the employer has informed the bargaining partner in writing that the employer believes that the workers in the collective agreement unit are in the positions necessary to provide essential services to the employer, the employer and the negotiator must make every reasonable effort to conclude an essential service contract as soon as possible.

2. Collective bargaining under subsection 1 may involve more than one department or another part of the federal public administration if each of the deputy chiefs concerned decide to negotiate collective agreements. 118 Nothing in this section prevents the parties from amending a provision of a collective agreement, with a provision other than a provision over its duration. (a) within the time frame set by the collective agreement; or this agreement applies only to staff of the Ministry of Justice and the Attorney General, a division of corrections associated with a 6/3 rotation. Non-committee representatives may make presentations at meetings with the agreement of the co-chairs and a written submission is proposed to the co-chairs prior to the meeting. The topics to be discussed have already been put on the agenda. Marginal Note: The obligation to implement the provisions of collective agreement 116 A is valid for one year, unless a longer period is set in the collective agreement. b) do everything in its power to reach agreement on the terms of employment in question. 112 A separate agency may, with the agreement of the Governor of the Council, enter into a collective agreement with the negotiator of a bargaining unit composed of workers of the separate agency.

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