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VACC CEO Geoff Gwilym said in a statement: « The automotive industry is fed up with the federal government consistently supporting its free trade agreements when it maintains Australia`s most rotten tax. » Buy a boat, a plane, a helicopter, diamonds, or that Picasso that you had in mind, and you don`t pay a penny LCT, although all probably deserve more « luxury » moniker than any car. Australia has a 5 per cent tariff on European cars and a 33 per cent tax on luxury cars on higher-priced vehicles. For « fuel-efficient vehicles, » the luxury car tax applies to cars over $75,526; for other vehicles, the threshold is 67,525 USD. « VACC says it`s time for the federal government to really put free trade first and get Australian Ner consumers to buy cars without unnecessary and unfair taxes. » In a January notice, federal Energy Minister Josh Frydenberg said the federal government had already granted a discount on the luxury car tax threshold for low-emission vehicles, offered carbon credits to encourage fleets to switch to electric vehicles, and funded electric vehicle purchase programs. Tesla Australia`s head of communications, Heath Walker, argued that Australia is « the only country in the world to have a tax and not incentives for electric vehicles, and while there are some subsidies for the luxury car tax, it really hinders cross-shopping when it comes to choosing between the internal combustion engine and the electric vehicle. » A sale of the Tesla Model X generates $76,292 in revenue to the government. Even the Toyota Land Cruiser – less a luxury car than a car used by farmers, families and retirees – adds about $30,000 to public funds. « The luxury car tax is an outdated, unjustified and unnecessary tax. For many years, we have been encouraging the government to eliminate this unnecessary tax, » he said. The luxury car tax is « unfair » in that it has raised motor vehicles, while buyers of millions of dollars of boats did not pay luxury tax, he said. « They are always willing to trade, as in other free trade agreements, a drop in turnover in some sectors to increase economic activity in other areas. » « There are always a few fines to add up some, but it is both sides that support low trade barriers and free trade. » Mercedes-Benz Australia supports the free trade agreement because it would make luxury cars more affordable for Australian buyers. The automobile tax system ranges from the federal LCT to the state stamp duty. In Queensland and Victoria, this includes higher penalties for vehicles that exceed a luxury threshold. In addition, import duties apply to vehicles from countries with which Australia does not have a free trade agreement (FTA).

Excise is levied on the fuel consumption of motor vehicles and administrative charges are levied to cover registration and registration. « The only thing the luxury car tax does is generate revenue for the government, » he said. Pawah backed a free trade agreement between Australia and the EU and said the removal of the luxury tax and import duties would benefit buyers and generate activity in the sector. The government could be forced to remove the tax as part of negotiations for a free trade agreement with the European Union (EU) from which most luxury cars come. Volkswagen Australia says it would support the introduction of a carbon tax instead of the much-dispared luxury car tax (LCT) if it were to pass a European free trade agreement.

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