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These terms and conditions of tenancy can be invoked by both landlords and tenants with respect to a tenancy agreement. This lease must have been entered into through floow2 International S.A. Luxembourg (FLOOW2) through an Odernone which was or was offered for rent by the owner. Both landlords and tenants have the right to exclude, adapt and complete this tenancy agreement through reciprocal exchanges and agreements. FLOOW2 is responsible to the lessor or tenant for the legal (possible) consequences arising from the use of these standard tenancy conditions during their mutual legal relationship or other commercial relationship. 1.2.6. Changes made or initiated by the lessor are not considered to be part of the leased equipment and must be cancelled before or at the time of termination of the lease, unless the lessor has given written authorization or if the parties agree to waive this rule. 2.2.4. If, and to the extent that the tenant is in a position of deficiency in the timely and proper execution of his obligation to make the changes resulting from the preliminary examination report, within the reasonable time indicated in the report, but definitively before the date of the final inspection, the tenant has the right to make these changes at the cost of leasing. The lessor also has the right to have the tenant`s responsibility in the final review report for which the tenant is responsible, with the aim of returning the object to the state described in Section 2.3.1.

Under these conditions, the tenant is liable to the lessor for damages resulting from the unavailable use or the rental of the rental object. 3.6.3. The articles covered in paragraphs 3.6.1 and 3.6.2 do not diminish any of the obligations of the parties to carry out in time and in a timely manner, at their own expense, these replacement repairs and renewals/deliveries, made necessary by the actions or negligence of the party or its staff who have been authorized by that party to use the leased goods.

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