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A nod is a gesture by which the head is tilted in arcs of high and alternating descent along the sagittal plane. In many cultures, it is used most often, but not in general, to indicate conformity, acceptance or recognition. An early glimpse of nods and other gestures was the expression of emotions in Man and Animals, written by Charles Darwin in 1872. Darwin wrote to missionaries in many parts of the world asking for information about local gestures and concluded that the « yes » was common to many different groups. « Maybe a big shot, » Washington replied, nodding with his head, wisely. And then, tired and acquiesced, we will finally leave the high plateaus and enter the twilight, where all the streets end. Hold the same smiling smile on your face, quickly nod and respond in a word. Chynoveth hesitated for a moment, then withdrew gently and nodded with his head. There are different theories as to why the head head is so often used to indicate acceptance.

A simple theory is that it is a form of reverence, suggesting that you are willing to accept what another person says or asks for. [Citation required] It has also been said[1] that babies, when they are hungry, look for milk by moving their heads vertically, but refuse milk by turning their heads side by side. These are « words you can live on ever since, » Christie told the audience acquiescing. The acquiescence head is also a symptom of nick disease, a disease still inexplicable. It mainly concerns children under the age of 15 and was first documented in Tanzania in 1962. [3] He listened to what she said, smiled from time to time and nodded. Different cultures attribute different meanings to the gesture. Acquiescence to display the « yes » vote is widespread and appears in many different cultural and linguistic groups. Areas where the acquiescence head is generally of this importance are the Indian subcontinent (note that the head bubble is also consistent), the Middle East, Southeast Asia, most of Europe (see below), South America and North America. The nod can also be used as a sign of recognition in some areas, or to show respect.

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