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Iberia is Spain`s flagship airline and the leading airline between Europe and Latin America. She joined oneworld in 1999. From its Madrid platform, it serves nearly 120 destinations in 45 countries in Europe, Africa, the Middle East and North and South America. The oneworld alliance includes some of the world`s leading airlines and about 30 connected airlines. Together, these airlines offer more than 14,000 flights a day to nearly 1,000 destinations worldwide. Visit several continents without having to travel around the world with oneworld® Circle Trip Explorer. With excellent selection and flexibility, oneworld`s Circle Trip Explorer fare uses four continents as a springboard for your trip: It`s a pretty important thing for the small number of times a year that I could book two separate tickets as part of a single trip. As long as I fly with the Americans and their oneworld partners, on the tickets issued by oneworld companies, I am protected. Discover the oneworld airline lounges that are available at airports around the world by making the oneworld Lounge access directory on Qantas, one of the world`s most recognized airlines and a founding member of the oneworld alliance. It serves nearly 80 destinations in 20 countries. The only Australian airline in a global airline alliance, it offers a vast domestic network, in addition to think points in Asia, the South Pacific, Europe, North and South America and Africa. Exploring the continents that border the Atlantic Ocean has never been easier or more affordable thanks to oneworld Circle Atlantic.

Learn more about oneworld Explorer or plan and book your oneworld Explorer tour online. except that… If you fly with two oneworld tickets, you may not have to worry! Oneworld® Circle awards are ideal for travelers who wish to visit several continents without really flying around the world. Choose from the following oneworld® Single-Continent Visit Pass: However, Sri Lanka is considered by America as the Asia 2 zone, which places it in the same category as Hong Kong. If you have both U.S. AAdvantage miles and British Airways Avios, you can redeem U.S. miles from the U.S. to Colombo (CMB) and exchange avios from Colombo to India. Even if they are separate tickets, you are protected by oneworld policies (update: this is no longer the case): you earn miles in your own program if you travel with eligible flights and fares from a oneworld Alliance airline. Qualifying flights also count towards developing or maintaining your status.

And if you`re willing to cash in your rewards, you can do so in the Alliance`s global network with approximately 850 destinations worldwide. It`s hard to keep up with all the commentators. But there is a tendency of people who say it`s my fault, I misunderstood the policy, and others have cited Ben`s contribution that Oneworld protection is obsolete. I will soon have more on this front. Even on the insurance front, I thought my Prestige card protection would work for things out of my control – weather, illness, family business, etc. AA, not respecting the oneworld policy, I did not mind, and the separate issue of the tickets is something for which the coverage of the Prestige would not intervene. While I thought I was properly covered, AA`s failure opened a gap in the coverage. Live and learn from it. Going back to the topic, SriLankan`s itinerary network is not complete – you can see a list of destinations on Wikipedia – but there are several new destinations in oneworld.

With access to nearly 1,000 destinations in more than 150 countries in the oneworld Alliance network, our global fares allow you to travel easily around the world.

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