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Respect your obligation to perform proper maintenance during your warranty period, with the validity of your warranty requests. Make the recommended maintenance of the plant, which includes all parts and work (see manual of use). Find out how to give your customers more purchasing power to buy priority maintenance The best way to avoid costly repair costs is to wait regularly for your vehicle. Preferred maintenance is a convenient and economical way for you to maintain your vehicle according to the owner`s manual maintenance plan. Funding your vehicle`s maintenance costs over a year or more. Priority maintenance is designed to ensure predictable maintenance costs. This program offers our customers comfort with the best service at discounted prices. Coverage regularly provides scheduled maintenance for your new or used motorcycle, 4×4 or personal boat. – Example cards – Model letter – Full product presentation You are responsible for repair costs after factory warranty. While the bikes we sell are reliable and durable, any major repair can be costly. Even if you`re mechanically inclined, technological advances require specific tools and training to work on your device. GAP Protection pays the difference between your credit and the current value (ACV) of your vehicle when your vehicle is declared a total damage as a result of a collision or theft. The actual amount of the debt may be influenced by limits to the maximum covered loan balance and other significant conditions and exclusions.

See contract for certain conditions, limits and exclusions. . Daily funding with the financing of freedom! $0 down, 3.99% financing for 36 months or $0 down, 4.99% financing for 60 months (lower monthly payments) for all new untitled motorcycles in 2015 and previous motorcycles. Valid only in the United States. Federal protection: Coverage is effective wherever you drive. Repairs can be carried out by any licensed facility in the United States or Canada. Lock in current prices for parts and work to avoid inflation. With today`s road conditions, it is common to pick up a nail or hit a pothole. The tires used on the new bikes are high-tech and expensive to replace. Ask for the cost of replacing your wheels and tires. Now consider the relatively low cost of this product compared to the cost of replacing a single wheel and tires.

Service your vehicle as planned without the stress of budgetary constraints.

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