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Separation means that a couple remains legally married, but lives « separated and separated » from each other. To obtain a divorce, a former couple must be separated for at least one year. The common law and couples can be separated. Significant changes in the needs of your children, your income, your family situation and your living conditions require changes in your agreements. We can protect your interests if you negotiate new ways to deal with your former partner. Our lawyers also strive to ensure the proper disclosure of all financial, commercial and real estate assets and debts at the beginning of the negotiations. This is important for the trial because one of the main reasons these agreements are overturned in court is insufficient financial disclosure. For more information on how Simple Divorce can help you draft a separation contract, contact us at 416-901-7992 or email After the breakdown of a relationship, a properly developed separation agreement can help clarify the rights and obligations of the parties and simplify the divorce process. Couples can avoid long and costly disputes by agreeing on issues such as help, child care and parenting, as well as property sharing.

The rapid implementation of a comprehensive agreement makes it easier for both parties to enter the new stages of their lives pending the final decision of the court. Mills-Mills LLP Family Lawyers work closely with clients to negotiate and design agreements tailored to the individual circumstances of each family that take into account the objectives and interests of all parties. When you come to us, we explain how the law applies to your situation, we discuss all the issues that need to be decided in the development of a separation agreement, and we explore the best ways to make those decisions. Separation is also important for divorce purposes, as separated couples from Ontario must be separated for 12 months or more to comply with the requirements of Ontario law when applying for divorce. Our lawyers can discuss their rights after separation during a consultation. Once a relationship ends, separation is the first step to finally getting a divorce. For the most part, a separation is a confusing and stressful time in their lives. Separation of couples must not only cope with the emotional consequences of their separation, but also make important decisions regarding the division of ownership, assistance to spouses and, when the children are involved, custody, access and custody.

Such decisions all have important legal and financial implications and are therefore important to deal with the utmost understanding of all your options. Ideally, these details are agreed upon on an early part of the separation process and are defined in a formal separation agreement. Although court proceedings are generally considered when transaction efforts have failed, our lawyers are trained in your strong and strong court lawyers, with a thorough knowledge of the law. Our lawyers at Separy Law PC will do their best to act cost-effectively and effectively in your best interest. A valid separation agreement requires both parties to fully understand the nature and consequences of the contract they enter into. In order to ensure the legally binding nature of the agreement, we believe that both parties must obtain independent legal advice on all conditions. If this is not the case, the door will open to a future challenge, in which the agreement could be cancelled because one party does not assess the legal effect of the treaty. This means that, in most cases, each party must consult a separate lawyer before relying on an agreement. A Toronto separation contract is essentially a contract signed by both you and your spouse to resolve issues related to marital support, custody, ownership, etc.

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