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A model agreement between academic publishers and universities on the filing of metadata for magazine articles was published today by the Publishers Association following contributions from members of the AP Academic, Professional and Learning Publishers Council. Researchers at CERN, the European Organization for Nuclear Research, can now publish free access with IOP Publishing after the two organisations have concluded a new « Publish and Read » agreement. The agreement allows CERN authors to publish Open Access in 42 IOPP journals, without barriers and at no cost of publishing articles (APCs) for qualified articles at the place of publication. Articles are published under an open license (CC-BY) which allows authors to retain copyright. Emma House, Deputy Executive Director of the Publishers Association, added: « Publishers recognize that the Policy Stack is a heavy burden for librarians in terms of resources and working time, in order to reconcile all green access policies between institutions, funders and publishers. IOPP already has 10 similar contracts worldwide and more contracts will be announced shortly. « This agreement can be used by publishers as a useful starting point for individual negotiations with academic libraries. We hope that academic publishers, libraries and universities will find this both useful and constructive. Peter Phillips, Vice-President of the Publishers Association, said: « We are delighted that publishers are supporting this agreement as a model to reduce the complexity of Green`s open access. We hope that this will also be useful for donors and other organizations that are re-extending their green open access policy and how to implement it. A MMR is a national organization that is authorized to process certain types of quotas on behalf of publishers or other rights holders.

RROs can license you to create copies of material in different formats such as printing, copying, scanning, digital copying and electronic storage. Click here for more information. « But CERN`s activities go beyond particle physics.

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