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Counsel, the judge for the award of the rent of Kshs.18,543,641.40, from July 2002 to 31 December 2003, including the 15% annual increase in rent and service charges for reasons of non-contracting leases between the parties; that a periodic lease was entered into, allowing the complainant to terminate the lease on June 30, 2002. In addition, the defendant should have ultimately mitigated its loss by taking possession of the premises of the action instead of attempting to claim freedom of possession after the complainant had already evacuated the appeal premises. A particular type of transaction, the leaseback of sale, allows the owner of a real estate (usually real estate) to raise funds while maintaining the use of the property. In such a transaction (in fact, two separate transactions), the owner of the property sells the property and rents it immediately. There is no physical transfer of accommodation. You can claim it once you have returned the property at the end of your lease under its original terms. It also sets limits on leases and the grounds for which to be sued if convicted of violating these laws. The first type of leasing is one in which the taker wishes to rent an aircraft and treat it as his own for the duration of the lease. The lessor becomes the operator of the aircraft, appoints its own flight crew, which will be its personnel, and operates the aircraft in accordance with its regulatory requirements and operating procedures.

This is generally referred to as « lezaire » or, to use the maritime analogy, a bar-hull chartering of tod.20 Mr. Omuga, learned advice for the respondent began with the withdrawal of the cross complaint. Counsel found that the issue was whether or not there was a mandatory lease between October 1, 1998 and December 31, 2003; and whether, under the lease agreement, the complainant was required to restore the rooms to their original condition of eight stores. The term « lease » has two contextual meanings. The first importance lies in the field of real estate ownership. The second importance lies in the financial sector. What is German in our discussion is the second meaning. « In the absence of a contrary contract or local use, the lessor, a land landlord, owns the rights and is subject to the debts mentioned in the following rules or their obligations for the leased property; (iv) other conditions and conditions are maintained in accordance with the previous lease agreement.

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