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The course I would like to take is not part of the pre-authorization process. Does that mean I can`t take the class? Depends on which school you choose. In most cases, if you are looking for credits from a California Community College with which we have an articulation agreement, unseated courses are not transferred in most cases. Our articulation agreements with the Colleges of the Community of California are comprehensive and generally give all possible transferable courses. If you are requesting course work from a community school outside of CA or a four-year school, you should continue to scroll through until the end of the story, where it is possible to take missing courses (see image below). Can I submit an online advance authorization for all courses I wish to take this summer? If you are currently registered, have completed your courses at USC and have access to OASIS, you can use the online process. The first page of the pre-authorization process lists the types of requirements that cannot be posted online and require a paper pre-authorization application or a residence exemption application. Spring Admits during their first term at USC must also use the paper pre-authorization application, as they have not yet completed course work at USC. Disqualified students cannot use the online application or the paper authorization application. They must meet with an academic exam and conservation advisor before planning to do course work elsewhere.

I want to study abroad this summer by doing a school in the United States. Can I use the online process if the course I want to take is listed? No no. Credit in an agreement or in history assumes that courses are delivered in the traditional format of the campus classroom. As described on the « Restrictions » page, ALL courses to be taken abroad require the paper pre-authorization form. Courses taught in foreign studies may differ from a version of the same course on campus, and USC verifies these versions on a case-by-case basis abroad each summer. You should provide as much detailed information as possible about the program when sending the paper request. Any delay in making this information available delays the processing of your application. I would like to take a GE course this summer, but I see no choice in the pre-authorization procedure. Why aren`t they denounced? As USC students are unable to complete GE or the writing requirement with transfer courses after USC`s launch, the GE and note/agreement writing sections are not displayed. How do I know which transfer classes should be taken in the fall? You can find articulation agreements with many California community colleges that indicate exactly what credit courses are received on the credit transfer site.

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