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The Institute for Food Safety and Health is a consortium consisting of the Illinois Institute of Technology, the Food and Drug Administration`s Center for Food Safety and Applied Nutrition, and members of the food industry. Some of the work done at the Institute includes « the evaluation and validation of new and new technologies for food safety and preservation, processing and packaging systems, microbiological and chemical methods, health-promoting food components, and risk management strategies. » [4] In Polish legal economics, the legal nature of the consortium agreement is controversial. According to the dominant approach, a consortium is a form of cooperation distinct from a civil law company and implemented between economically independent undertakings already active on the market, in order to implement a specific undertaking, which is a segment of the regular activities of those undertakings, on the basis of an unsused contract characterised by a temporary nature. Minimize institutionalization and the absence of separate ownership, the need to define how the parties participate in the joint venture, and the intention not to create a « community » with partially own interests (the partnership as such). According to this concept, despite the very broad formula of a civil partnership provided for entities that undertake to cooperate in a certain way in order to achieve a common economic objective (which is a common element for both types of contracts), the partnership agreement does not exhaust all forms of cooperation and the automatic qualification of consortium agreements into partnerships is not allowed. [8] Neither the consortium nor the joint venture has a legal definition in UK law. The second term is generally used to describe different types of agreements in which two or more parties work together to carry out business activities. This manifests itself, for . B, through the joint distribution of profits, the distribution of cash, assets, knowledge or skills. As there are no detailed legal provisions governing the consortium or joint venture, the relationship between the parties participating in this type of agreement – when choosing a joint venture as a collaboration agreement or special partnership – is subject to common law or company law provisions. A consortium agreement governed by general contract law, similar to an ordinary partnership agreement, does not create a separate entity.

[6] The word consorts, attested since the 16th century, is borrowed from the Latin con-sortes, the plural of consors (consortis) and means to have the same proportion, companion, comrade. [4] [5] Without evaluation, consorts were first used in the sense of comrade of destiny, companion. The expression « et al. » preceded by a proper name developed at the same time in legal language in the formulation of the indictment « X et al » (cronies, accomplices). .

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